One of the most important functions of a Community Council is contributing to the planning process both by influencing the content of Development Plans and by commenting on individual planning applications in its area.

Development Plan

The Portmoak area is currently covered by the Local Development Plan which "provides guidance to developers and investors and allows stakeholders, including the general public, to be involved in shaping the future of their area".



Conservation Areas

Within Portmoak are three conservation areas in the villages of Wester Balgedie, Scotlandwell and Kinnesswood.

These are areas, judged to have special character by virtue of the distinctiveness and quality of the townscape, that are worth trying to protect.



Detail of the Conservation areas in PKC area and how that affects householders is available on the PKC webiste here.



The precise boundaries of the Conservation areas in Portmoak and the key policies (HE3A & HE3B) for planning/development can be found in the Local Development Plan.


Additional key policies for PKC planners plus guidance on our historic environment and its management are contained in the following key publications:-


Planning Applications

Every week Perth and Kinross Council sends the community council a list of all planning applications registered the previous week.  The community council planning group identifies those in the Portmoak area and checks the details on the PKC website.  Community councils are discouraged from commenting on true “householder applications” such as conservatories, kitchen extensions or “granny flats” but are encouraged to discuss any application that appears to have wider implications for the community and to comment if appropriate.

A rolling list of applications is posted regularly on this website - click here for downloads.


Objections & Comments

Guidance for members of the public wishing to object to, or make a comment on, planning applications is provided in "Commenting to the Council on a Planning Application"


Anyone wanting advice about preparing or objecting to a planning application can get impartial assistance from Planning Aid Scotland.


Appeals & reviews

Information about planning appeals& local reviews can be found on the Scottish Government website.

Further information

A wealth of information about the planning system can be found on the Perth & Kinross council website and the Scottish Government website.