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On the 4th July the Community Council cancelled its meeting due on the 11th July.
While it used its normal means of communication to advise of the decision, it omitted to put an advertisement to that effect on the website.

It apologises for any inconvenience caused – particularly to those who made the journey to the Hall on the 11th.

The next meeting of the Council is Tuesday 8th August at 7PM at the Village Hall

Robin Cairncross


Community Councils are statutory bodies made up of elected voluntary representatives who give their time to, and have a genuine interest in, the well-being of their community.

They play an important role in local democracy by representing the views of local people and conveying these views to a range of organisations.


The objectives of your Community Council are to ascertain, coordinate and express to Perth and Kinross Council, and to Public Authorities, the views of our community in relation to matters for which these authorities are responsible and to take such action as appears in the interest of our community.


Our local authority, in turn, has a duty to consult your Community Council on how local services are delivered and other issues affecting our neighbourhood.


Your Community Council has the right to be consulted on any planning applications in our area and to be kept informed of licensing applications